YIA Reviewing criteria

  • The work is original - ergo not published, or accepted for publication, at the time of the abstract submission deadline
  • The research has relevance for sport and/or exercise and its effects on performance and/or health and/or aspects of well-being
  • The presentation (oral or mini-oral) has been carefully prepared, is using appropriate and high quality visual means and is well organized/structured
  • High quality of technical presentation of oral or mini-oral (delivery speed, clearly audible, varied tone, confident delivery, pointer use (oral only), correct use of scientific terminology)
  • The background and relevance is clearly described
  • The work is innovative
  • The methodology is sound and the data are solid
  • There are quantitative data in the presentation, the study has enough power and appropriate statistical tests have been performed to underpin claims on significance
  • There is a clear conclusion or take home message at the end
  • The work either has a high impact for the area of research or has a potential future high impact (e.g. development of new methodologies that will generate new knowledge)