The European College of Sport Science (ECSS) values the international collaboration between sport scientific institutions, associations and events. These collaborations function with a mutual benefit, providing both parties best possible benefit to promote the activities towards the sport science society.

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In the XXI century most human activities, including sports, are becoming more and more technological. Engineering in general and Information Technology in particular are becoming an important support for many activities directly or indirectly related to sport sciences, including improvement of physical activities, sports medicine, biotechnology and nutrition, sports management, and all imaginable application areas in sports. This congress intends to be a meeting point of both academics and practitioners, in order to exchange ideas and developed synergies. http://icsports.org/


Incorporating Sports Physiotherapy and Strength & Conditioning
31st August, 1st / 2nd September 2016

The annual ISSSMC has become a fixture on the international conference, but it occupies a unique place. Over the years it has evolved so that it focuses on three crucial and inter-related areas: sports medicine, sports physiotherapy and strength and conditioning. No other conference brings together practitioners from these three areas. Once again this year we have a great program that meets our aim of delivering a top quality international conference. The program brings together national and international experts to review a range of issues that are relevant to both the world of elite sport and to those who seek to improve their health through an active lifestyle.

Link to the website: http://www.isssmc.com/index.html