Green Meeting

RULES & REGULATIONS for exhibitors

ECSS Vienna 2016 applied to be awarded with the 'Austria’s national eco-friendly certificate' (Österreichisches Umweltzeichen), which makes our meeting an officially certified green congress.
In 2016 our aim is to build on what we have achieved so far with ECSS Malmö 2015 - "sustainable sport". Some things needed adaptation and some new practices had to be put in place to even further minimize the ecological impact without compromising the ECSS’s quality.
Please find below the obligatory guidelines for Green Meetings settled by the 'Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management'.

Obligatory guidelines:

  • Only reusable dishes (drinking vessels, cutlery etc.) are allowed.
  • Waste produced at the congress venue must be disposed according to the waste management system (Def.: Waste generated during setup/show/dismantling will be collected and handled off site by a specialised contractor in compliance with accurate assorting).
  • All materials used at the responsibility of the Exhibitor (stand, roll-up, decoration etc.) are reusable and will be reused.
  • No cans nor plastic bottles as give-aways

Further recommendations:

  • Decrease of give-aways at the booth and use of products without extra packaging.
  • Distribution of give-aways made from ecologically accepted material and/or with a quality label.
  • Reduction of printed media.
  • Usage of refillable packaging.
  • Utilisation of reusable materials for the booth construction wherever possible.
  • Avoidance of a coffee machine with a capsule system, cans and plastic bottles.

We very much appreciate your contribution, your support and your efforts to make ECSS Vienna 2016 a green congress!


RECOMMENDATIONS for participants

Public Transportation

Public transportation in Vienna is extremely smooth and efficient. We recommend you to take full advantage of the different ways to get around the city.

  • MUST HAVE: As a congress participant you are able to get a discount on 4 days of unlimited travel in the city during the congress week. Please find more information here.
  • International Airport of Vienna is easily accessible with various public transportation options. Please find more information here.
  • The social events during the ECSS Vienna 2016 are also easily accessible with public transportation. Please find more detailed information here.


  • The congress hotel in particular and the various hotels ECSS has negotiated with all follow green standards. We recommend you to choose your accommodation, which is committed to eco-friendly standards. Please find more information here.


  • The catering services at all ECSS Vienna 2016 events (congress centre, social events) are committed to green standards.


  • The exhibitors are advised to follow the rules and regulations above and all recommendations are communicated towards exhibitors in Exhibitors Manual
  • The exhibitors have also been advised per Email on the rules and regulations that apply to them during the ECSS Vienna 2016.

Printing products

  • An eco-friendly solution will be used in all of the print products the ECSS will produce, including Final Programme, Book of Abstracts (print on demand).
  • Paper waste will be minimized. For example, the congress badges will be only printed on demand.
  • Email is used to communicate with the delegates, organizers and other stakeholders.


  • Please note that the congress badges will be collected for reuse on the last day of the congress near the entrance.
  • Congress bags and badges will be environmental friendly products.