To successfully apply for the YIA 2017 all requirements must be met within the requested deadlines!

  • You paid your ECSS Membership 2017 and became an ECSS Student Member 2017 or ECSS Member 2017: before 15th February 2017
  • You submitted your signed and stamped YIA Verification Form 2017*: before 15th February 2017
  • You submitted only one paper as first author for participation in the YIA 2017: before 15th February 2017
  • You are 32 years of age or younger at the time of ECSS MetropolisRuhr 2017 (born after 8th July 1984)
  • You are a student or PhD student at a university or graduate less than 2 years after your PhD
  • As previous YIA winner, you do not take part in the same category again (oral/mini-oral)
  • You paid your registration fee for ECSS MetropolisRuhr 2017: before 1st May 2017
  • There will be no extension of the deadline for YIA applications, regardless of a potential extension of the abstract submission deadline
  • To track your YIA application status, please log on to your ECSS Account
  • Abstract submission will only be accepted online
  • Incomplete YIA applications will not be considered for the YIA**
  • Application is only possible in the presentation formats oral and mini-oral
  • In applying for Young Investigators Award it is possible to apply for 2 out of 3 awards at the same time (e.g YIA and GSSI Nutrition or YIA and Aspetar Excellence in Football). Whilst this will allow you 2 chances to win a prize, only one prize will be awarded.

*The YIA Verification Form 2017 should be verified by an authorized person (Head of Institute) in the YIA applicants department who should also certify that the YIA applicant has made an independent and reasonable contribution to the work submitted for presentation.

**Please note, that YIA Verification Forms 2017 sent in or ECSS Memberships 2017 paid after 15th February 2017 will not be considered.