Social Programme

Opening Ceremony – Messe Essen

Date: Wednesday, 5th July 2017
Time: 19:00 - 20:00

Once again the official opening of the congress will feature an opening address from the congress presidents and the ECSS president accompanied by amazing local entertainment.

Please find the programme for the Opening Ceremony here.

                                                    Die Mobilés                                                                 Iya Traoré      

Opening Reception and official Opening of the Exhibition – Exhibition area at Messe Essen

Date: Wednesday, 5th July 2017
Time: 20:00 - 21:00

Following the Opening Ceremony all delegates are invited to come together, network and enjoy the German cuisine: finger food and drinks will be served. Limited capacity only, pre-booking required.

Opening Reception at ECSS Vienna 2016                              

Coffee and Lunch breaks – Messe Essen

One of the most valued benefits of the congress is the opportunity to network. This is why the ECSS has included numerous coffee (6) and lunch breaks (3) in the schedule of the congress. Pre-booking required.

ECSS General Assembly – Messe Essen

Date: Wednesday, 5th July 2017
Time: 10:30
Lecture room: Rheinland/South

All ECSS members are invited to join the ECSS General Assembly to be informed about the latest facts and figures and the development of the society.

FEPSAC Evening - Das Schön, Rüttenscheider Strasse 199, 45131 Essen

Date: Wednesday, 5th July 2017
Time: 21:30
Location: Das Schön

Join the FEPSAC president, Anne-Marie Elbe, for an informal gathering after the opening reception to network and discuss. Registration required. More information here.

ECSS MetropolisRuhr Reception - Ruhr University Bochum (RUB)

Date: Thursday, 6th July 2017
Time: tba
Transport: organised for the invited guests

A cocktail reception organised at the Campus of the Ruhr University Bochum. Invitation only.

©RUB, Schirdewahn                                                                                                                 ©RUB

3rd ECSS Bengt Saltin Run - Grugapark, Essen

Organized in the memory of ECSS Founding member and Patron Prof. Bengt Saltin. The run will take place in the Grugapark, located right next to the congress venue Messe Essen. Please see the map here.

2nd ECSS Bengt Saltin Run at ECSS Vienna 2016

Date: Friday, 7th July 2017
Time:  07:00 am

Registration: Opens in April-May 2017. Registration possible via your ECSS account, exclusively. Limited capacity only.

YIA Cocktail Party - red dot design museum

Date: Friday, 7th July 2017
Time: 20:30
Transport: organised for the invited guests

All former YIA winners together with the top 10 candidates of each category of this year’s congress are invited to a small restricted cocktail. Invitation only.

©Red Dot Design Museum                         ©Red Dot Design Museum

Closing Ceremony – Messe Essen

Date: Saturday, 8th July 2017
Time: 18:00 - 19:00

Closing Ceremony will follow the Young Investigator Awards and will feature Thanks and Goodbye from MetropolisRuhr and a presentation of the 23rd annual Congress ECSS 2018 in Dublin, Ireland.

ECSS Congress Party - Schöner Alfred (Delta Essen), Frohnhauser Str. 75, 45143 Essen, Germany

Date: Saturday, 8th July 2017

19:30 - Entrance
20:15 - Buffet (pre-booking required)
21:00 - 23:00 - Live Band
23:00 - DJs' and entrance for everyone

This is your time to network, socialize and enjoy the great atmosphere of the ECSS congress and most importantly DANCE! Limited capacity only, pre-booking required. Please find the map here.

How to get there?
The closes bus station is Westendstr. with line number 145, which is 15 minute ride from the Essen Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof). There is also a night bus line taking you back to the Main Train Station every hour after midnight.

You may plan your way to Schöner Alfred here.