Special Interest Groups

Elite Sport Performance

The ECSS Elite Sport Performance SIG held its inaugural meeting at the 2014 Annual Congress in Amsterdam. This group is open to both ECSS student and professional members in academic research and sport and professionals working in elite athlete/team training and performance support positions who wish to interact with others internationally in the same field, discuss research frontiers and best practice questions, and pursue collaboration possibilities in a highly international forum. The Elite Sport Performance SIG will be able to submit program proposals for future annual meetings, define and develop seminar topics of interest for parallel SIG seminars during annual ECSS meetings, and interact with each other through ENSS on the ECSS website. Join this group.

Please find more detailed information about the session here.

Meeting: Thursday, 6th July, lecture room: N/South at 14:00 - 15:30

Environmental Physiology

The Environmental Physiology SIG held its inaugural meeting during the ECSS Estoril 2008. The mission of this SIG is to: 1. Provide a database on scientific work on environmental physiology - 2. Promote discussion allowing new ideas to emerge by sharing competence between laboratories to solve specific problems - 3. Favour collaboration within the different partners. This SIG aims to: 1. Provide scientific resources for researchers - 2. Provide guidelines for workers in warm countries - 3. Provide education resource for the general public - 4. Organise conferences. Join this group.

Meeting: Wednesday, 5th July, lecture room: Rheinland/South at 10:30 - 12:00

Sports Nutrition

The ECSS Sports Nutrition SIG held its inaugural meeting at the 2012 Annual Congress in Bruges and was attended by in excess of 60 health specialists. Open to any individual with an academic or professional interest in sports nutrition and/or dietetics, the group aims to provide a forum for discussions, opportunities, collaborations and problem solving in these and other related fields. Join thin group.

Meeting: Thursday, 6th July, lecture room: Rheinland/South at 18:00 - 19:30