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The city of Essen is easily accessible via plane from several different airports (e.g. Dortmund (DTM), Düsseldorf (DUS), Cologne (CGN), Frankfurt (FRA)) and via train and car from elsewhere in Europe.

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by plane

You are able to reach ECSS MetropolisRuhr from several airports. Dortmund (DTM), Düsseldorf (DUS), Cologne (CGN) and Frankfurt (FRA) even Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) are options and very well connected with the venue.

Please consider compensating your flight emissions when flying to Germany. More information here.

From Düsseldorf International Airport

Being third biggest airport in Germany, Düsseldorf international airport, has excellent international connections to both European and international destinations. The airport has good connections to the cities nearby from its two train stations; Düsseldorf Airport train station and Düsseldorf Airport terminal train station.

The congress venue, Messe Essen, is easily accessible via public transport from the airport with train and metro in 40 minutes. To reach the Essen main railway station will take only 25 minutes.

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From Dortmund Airport

Dortmund airport is close to the city centre Dortmund and has destinations throughout Europe. It is located on the eastern edge of Ruhr area and is easily accessible with public transport and car. From the airport it takes approximately 1h 15 minutes to the Essen main railway station with bus and train.

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From Cologne Bonn Airport

Cologne Bonn airport is only 15 km away from the city centre of Cologne and 16 km from Bonn. It is an international airport with frequent flights to all over the world.

The cities nearby are easily accessible via public transport from the airport. You will reach the city of Essen in 1h and 10 minutes from the Cologne Bonn airport via train.

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From Frankfurt Airport

The Frankfurt Airport is the busiest airport in Germany and fourth busiest in Europe. It connected to all over the world and has great connections train connections to the other German cities as well as Frankfurt am Main.

The train ride to Essen will take you approximately 1h 45 minutes.

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by train

Essen main railway station is very well connected by ICE, Eurocity and Interregio trains with German, Belgian as well as Dutch cities. A frequent ICE connection from Düsseldorf Airport station only takes 22 minutes to Essen main station. Also all the other airports of the area like Dortmund, Cologne or even Frankfurt have good ICE connections towards the city of Essen every day.

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by car

To reach ECSS Metropolis Ruhr 2017 in Essen conveniently use motorway A3, A40, A42 or A52.

In Germany car sharing is very popular way to travel from city to city. This is a cheap way to get to your destination and meet new people on the way.

Parking at Messe Essen: Please use the car park P6 (max. hight 1,9m). One-day rate 9 euros. More information here.

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Public transportation

It is easy to travel within Metropolis Ruhr area with train. The cities are well connected with high speed and regional train connections. Within the city of Essen you are able to use regional trains, metros, busses and trams to get around.

Closest metro station at Messe Essen is Messe West-Süd/Gruga, which is the last stop of the metro line U11. It takes you about 5 minutes to reach Messe Essen from the main train station.

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by bike

A rental bike is a great way to get to know the city and the surroundings. You are able to reach different attractions within the city of Essen as well as discover the athmosphere of the Metropolis Ruhr area via special path systems.

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There is plenty to see and do in Essen and in the Metropolis Ruhr area during the summer months.

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