Calculate Flight Emissions

The climate change and global warming are important themes to be discussed also in the congress and event industry. Travelling to a congress destination is the biggest CO2 footprint that the events are producing. ECSS would like to introduce atmosfair, a non-profit climate protection organisation, to its congress participants. atmosfair provides you a possibility to compensate the CO2 emissions produced by travelling to a certain destination.

Please find the form to calculate your flight emissions below. Let’s make a difference together!

What is atmosfair?

atmosfair is a non-profit climate protection organisation with a focus on travel. They actively protect the climate by compensating greenhouse gases through the use of renewable energies, among other activities.

How does CO₂-offsetting work?

You and other donators make a voluntary climate protection payment based on the amount of emissions you create; atmosfair uses these contributions to develop renewable energies in countries where they hardly exist, above all in developing countries. In this way, atmosfair saves CO₂ that would otherwise be created by fossil fuels in these countries. Meanwhile, local people profit since often for the first time, they gain access to clean energy available around the clock, which is a must for education and creating equal opportunities.

Which projects are supported?

atmosfair supports climate protection projects in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energies and environmental education. Please get detailed information about all different projects here.

Act Now!

Many activities such as air travel cause climate-damaging CO₂ emissions. Donate to climate protection projects supported by atmosfair to compensate your CO₂ emissions.

Please calculate your flight emissions below.