1st prize

Juett, Loris
Greensmith, T., Drury, J., Thompson, A., James, L.J., Mears, S.A.

The effect of manipulating hydration status during cycling in the heat on acute kidney injury biomarkers
United Kingdom


2nd prize

Weijzen, Michelle
van Gassel, R.J.J., Kouw, I.W.K., Gorissen, S.H.M., van de Poll, M.C.G., Verdijk, L.B., van Loon, L.J.C.

Ingestion of free amino acids as opposed to intact protein increases amino acid absorption but does not further augment postprandial muscle protein synthesis rates

3rd prize

Podlogar, Tim
Shad, B.J., Odell, O., Elhassan, Y.S., Rowlands, D.S., Wallis, G.A.

Effectiveness of combined galactose-glucose ingestion as compared to galactose or glucose only on post-exercise muscle glycogen repletion
United Kingdom


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